Smashing Pumpkins Share ‘Adore’ Bonus Tracks, Including a Banjo Take and Diddy Remix

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.10.14 in News

While it’s by no means a perfect Smashing Pumpkins album, Adore ain’t half bad either, from the poison-tipped synth-pop of “Ava Adore” to the uplifting power balladry of “Perfect.” Whether it deserves a “super deluxe” reissue featuring a mono mix, four bonus discs and a live DVD is another matter, although the previously unreleased material Billy Corgan has shared thus far is promising at least. That includes the dialed-up melodrama (if that’s even possible) of Diddy’s “Ava Adore” remix, a “drone version” of “Blissed and Gone,” and the spare, banjo-led version of “For Sheila” that Stereogum premiered today.

“Having agreed to this reissue campaign a few years back I’ve worked tirelessly to provide, pound-for-pound, the best reissues possible,” Corgan wrote on his site recently. “And believe it or not, in most cases I lose more than I spend on those projects. But this is not to say that I’m not grateful, for I am: to old SP, to our great supporters, and those who’ve taken a new interest in the band because of the depth of our ever-growing catalog.”

Check out all of those aforementioned tracks below, and look out for the various reissue versions of Adore on September 23…