Smashing Pumpkins and Die Antwoord’s Ninja Add Rap and Metal Influences to David Bowie “Fame”

Dan Reilly

By Dan Reilly

on 12.10.14 in News

So our headline might suggest that Billy Corgan and Die Antwoord’s Ninja turned David Bowie’s “Fame” into some Limp Bizkit crap, but their mostly faithful interpretation of the 1975 hit is actually quite good. The South African rapper joined the Smashing Pumpkins at a Paris gig last Saturday, and he donned a pretty dapper suit instead of his usual shoes and shorts and/or pants get-up. After a false start, the group gets into the groove, subbing heavy guitar hits and some tasty, squealing licks instead of the original version’s funk. Corgan has a ball, as evidenced by some of his no-shame goofy dance moves, and Ninja adds in a bit of a freestyle, including a rhyme about “getting silly” with his “homeboy Billy” (or Willy?) and a lot of using the word “motherfucker.”

Dig it below.