Silent Vulfpeck Album Raises Nearly $20,000 on Spotify

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.23.14 in News

When Thom Yorke rallied against Spotify last year, one of the reasons he called it “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse” was the streaming service’s paltry royalty payouts. In most cases, at least; a largely unknown LA band named Vulfpeck managed to game the system recently by asking fans to leave its silent album Sleepify streaming overnight. Over the course of its seven-week run, the relatively viral record wracked up nearly 5.5 million listens and $20,000 in Spotify payments. According to Billboard, keyboardist Jack Stratton didn’t expect to see any of the money after Spotify pulled their LP and a company spokesman called it “a clever stunt,” but lo and behold — two monthly checks ultimately landed in Vulfpeck’s bank account.

As for the free tour Vulfpeck promised fans via their Spotify efforts, Stratton said they’re looking to play Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and their former hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, sometime later this year.

“I really need to get more data on what it costs to tour,” Stratton told Rolling Stone last March. “I talked to a booking agent about when you could afford a bus, and he said, ‘You start thinking about that when you get $10,000 guarantees.’ I was like, ‘Ah, OK, never mind.’ We’ll probably have to do the van thing.”

Here’s the original Sleepify trailer…