Senator Bernie Sanders Was a One-Time Folk Singer

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 09.17.14 in News

Vermont is a cool, little state. It was an early supporter of same sex marriage. On Monday, Burlington announced that it is now has the means to support 42,000 of its residents with renewable energy. And now we’ve learned that Senator Bernie Sanders, a potential presidential candidate for 2016, used to be a folk singer.

The Huffington Post reported that Todd Lockwood, owner of White Crow Audio Studios, recorded an album of folk classics with Senator Sanders back in 1987. The songs were recently rediscovered by local VT website Seven Days, who have a “Bernie Beat,” and posted as suggestions for the Senator’s campaign songs.

Sanders recently told Chuck Todd on Sunday’s Meet the Press that he was “thinking” about a presidential run, but had not reached a firm decision just yet. Lockwood is planning a potential reissue of the folk album, if the Senator does in fact decide to give the presidential nomination a go.

Lockwood also told Seven Days:

As talented of a guy as he is, he has absolutely not one musical bone in his body, and that became painfully obvious from the get-go. This is a guy who couldn’t even tap his foot to music coming over the radio. No sense of melody. No sense of rhythm — the rhythm part surprised me, because he has good rhythm when he’s delivering a speech in public.

But have a listen below and judge for yourself. (Hear that good ol’ Brooklyn accent.)