Secretly Canadian Reveal Box Set of Rare Songs: Ohia Singles

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 03.21.14 in News

Secretly Canadian have announced a deluxe box set of rare Songs: Ohia singles for Record Store Day. Spread across nine 7-inches and packaged in a clothbound, foil-stamped clamshell box with a 24-page book, CD compilation and custom 45 adaptor, Journey On: Collected Singles arrives a little over a year after the death of singer-songwriter Jason Molina, who was a cornerstone of the Secretly Canadian family since the mid ’90s. He can be heard singing the spare but devastating “Soul” down below, right alongside more shots of the RSD set and a complete tracklisting…

Songs: Ohia, Journey On: Collected Singles (Secretly Canadian, April 19th):
1A. Boys
1B. Trans Am
2A. Freedom Pt. 2
2B. Soul
3A. Waltham: Simply Unite The Name
3B. Napoleon: How We Have Ranged
4A. Vanquisher
4B. Nay Tis Not Death
5A. 7th Street Wonderland
5B. Darling You Are…
6A. How To Be Perfect Men
6B. Journey On
7A. Fade Street
7B. Lioness
8A. The Gray Tower
8B. Black Link to Fire Link
9A. Keep It Steady
9B. United of Lost Alone

'Journey On' product shot

'Journey On' product shot 2

'Journey On' product shot 3