Royal Headache Break Up

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.13.14 in News

Royal Headache’s 2011 debut was one of the year’s happiest surprises, a revved-up, wild-eyed run through mod, punk and R&B (“It’s as if [singer] Shogun got lost en route to a Stax cover-band audition and ended up sitting in with a Buzzcocks tribute act instead,” is what I said in my 2011 review.) That they were on a skyward trajectory seemed obvious to anyone who witnessed one of their manic, mile-a-minute live shows. Well, scratch all that. In an interview with the excellent Australian site Mess + Noise today Shogun, singer of the justfiably-beloved punk R&B band Royal Headache has announced that he’s left the band, and that Royal Headache are “over.”

“I told everyone we [split up] but people act like they still don’t know,” he says. “I just thought it was really clear that we broke up.” Of course, immediately after saying that, he muddies the waters just a bit: apparently, the second (and now final) Royal Headache record is done, and the band will tour to support it. But after that? Done. Shogun will instead turn his attention to solo material (Which he describes as, “A bit like Stone Roses songs. But better,” which is not heartening). He goes on to discuss his disillusionment with the industry in general, saying, “Being in a band and touring a lot and drinking a lot and…not really having real friends and that whole bloodsucking, revolting world – it’s not something I wanted to subject myself to for too much longer.”

The entire interview is fascinating, even if its contents are a crushing disappointment. Read it here.