Rough Trade Announce Fourth Record Store Opening

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.03.14 in News

Rough Trade have announced plans for their fourth brick-and-mortar shop, spurned on in part by the success of their Brooklyn location since its opening last fall.

“In response to the limitations of screen-based retail, our stores have become cultural hotspots,” co-owner Stephen Godfroy told the Guardian, “particularly for younger, format-savvy generations, who are as likely to play vinyl records to a room full of friends as they are to listen a track on their phone. City centre retail is often overshadowed by the bar and restaurant sector in terms of providing places of communal vibrancy, so we hope to liven things up a little by giving innovative artists and independent thinkers a place to unite, creating places that aren’t afraid to experiment and rattle expectations.”

Rough Trade’s Nottingham store — expected to open before the year’s over — may not be its last UK expansion either; the company’s majority stake in the Bristol-based retailer Rise Music could see them moving into other areas of the country as well. (While Rough Trade already has two London spots, Rise Music has a presence in Worcester and Cheltenham.)

“We know that local people and visitors who love independent music and emerging musical talent will find Rough Trade a great place to hang out, browse and enjoy the most exciting music-led culture,” said Nottingham’s city councillor, Nick McDonald. “We very much look forward to their opening.”

Here’s the animated video that heralded Rough Trade’s Brooklyn arrival…