Riot Fest Owes Chicago $182,000 in Damages

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.01.14 in News

Riot Fest increased its capacity to approximately 16,000 concert-goers this year, but the surge of activity also caused about $182,000 worth of damages to Chicago’s Humboldt Park (compared to last year’s bill, which totaled $54,300). The festival, which included acts such as Slayer, Weezer, and The Get Up Kids playing their album of choice in full, supposedly left portable toilets and trash behind for days after the event, according to site DNAinfo Chicago.

In a statement to the website, Chicago Park District spokeswoman Jessica Maxey-Faulkner said that the festival organizers were responsible for the costs and not the Park District. She also stated:

The Riot Fest organizers will hire a private landscape contractor to repair damage to the park. Repairs will begin this week, and we expect the initial repair work to take about a month. The vast majority of Humboldt Park is currently open for activities and will remain open during repairs. Some areas will be fenced off during repairs to allow for the cultivation of the grass.

Riot Fest Founder Michael Petryshyn had issued a previous statement, vowing to restore and improve the park’s conditions:

Because the Park is as important to me as it is to the City, we will make certain that the Park be restored as soon as possible. Indeed, not only do we want the park restored, we want it improved. I have directed our staff to initiate meetings with the Park District on how we can partner with them to make permanent infrastructure improvements over the coming months. We want to improve the Park, because we want to make it the permanent home of Riot Fest. We don’t take our commitment to the community and the park for granted.

The following tweet was also sent out from the official Riot Fest Twitter account:

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