Zoos of Berlin, Lucifer in the Rain

Matt LeMay

By Matt LeMay

on 08.13.13 in Reviews

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Zoos of Berlin is a pseudonym for a Teutonic bedroom electro-pop mastermind; that Lucifer in the Rain is, in fact, the product of a band from Detroit speaks to that city’s rich histories of both indie pop and electronic music. Members of Zoos of Berlin have worked with both dearly missed indie pop perfectionists Pas/Cal and techno mega-producer Carl Craig.

Speaking to Detroit’s rich histories of indie pop and electronic music

On Lucifer in the Rain, Zoos of Berlin do right by both sides of their aesthetically far-flung associations. Daniel I. Clark and Trevor Naud’s “American guy imitating a British guy imitating an American guy in a German studio” vocals are cool and controlled on the surface, but simmer with just enough tightly wound emotional energy to keep things interesting. But the real star here is Collin Dupuis’s production, which effortlessly weaves those vocals into a gorgeous blanket of synths, treated guitars, and percussion that thumps and bumps more than you might expect from such introverted music.