ZeroPing, MAST ERSO FWAR (masters of war)

Rob Young

By Rob Young

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

ZeroPing is Konrad Kinard and Sonicvariable. Kinard, after several years in the "Downtown" art and music scene in New York; running a club in Berlin; now finds himself in London. Here he has teamed up with Taipei based experimentalist, Sonicvariable (Aka Chun Lee). The duo draw on any genre that they like at the time. They have traversed the musical landscape since their first performances in 2003, pillaging rock, classical, experimental soundscapes, and club dance styles, refusing to be drawn into one genre alone. With the help of steel guitarist BJ Cole ("Stop the Panic" w/ Luke Vibert, Cochise and much more), the music of the CD Masters Of War expresses a day in a life during Cold War circa 1963, fusing it with the similar experiences of our life and times today.