Youssou N’Dour, Music From The Motion Picture I Bring What I Love

Keith Harris

By Keith Harris

on 09.08.11 in Reviews

Music From The Motion Picture I Bring What I Love

Youssou N'Dour

The soundtrack to a documentary that every N’Dour fan should seek out immediately also capably supplements and sums up his recent career. The doc centers on the recording and release of Egypt, particularly on the controversy generated in Senegal by a secular musician addressing sacred topics. This compilation’s two new compositions are both vocal showcases — the modest title track and “Yonnen (The Messenger),” a duet with “the people’s griot” Moustafa Mbaye with which N’Dour hoped to overcome his countrymen’s objections.

Capably supplementing and summing up his recent career

But this hodgepodge is mostly noteworthy for its six live tracks showcasing Super Étoile. The band, which can really cook in concert, is uncharacteristically subdued here, but until N’Dour gives us a full live album, we can make do with a gently acoustic take on “Birima” and a re-imagined “Immigres.” I Bring What I Love is a decent introduction for newcomers. Then again, so was everything else N’Dour recorded over the past decade.