Young Magic, Melt

Lindsay Zoladz

By Lindsay Zoladz

on 02.14.12 in Reviews


Young Magic

When the three members of Young Magic chant “All the kids on the road never come back,” over the shimmering rhythms of “Jam Karet,” it’s pretty clear they’re talking about themselves. A self-described “sonic collage,” the band’s debut LP Melt fuses found sounds recorded all over the globe, from Melbourne to Berlin to Buenos Aires to – finally, where else? – Brooklyn, where the nomadic band of two Australians and one Indonesians now call home. As on “You With Air,” which is animated by the chants of vaguely eerie voices, its 11 tracks take on the transient hominess of electro campfire songs. Despite its nomadic origins, Melt never sounds restless; instead, it’s a testament to pitching your tent (and plugging in your sampler) wherever you happen to be laying your head.

Shaping their own sonic territory – passport optional

Melt collects the tracks from two previously released 7″s and adds in some new material. The opener “Sparkly” sets the mood with inky, rippling arpeggios and a thunderous beat that jangles like God’s pocket change. Another highlight, “Night In the Ocean” draws inspiration from its titular image, as hulking walls of synths advance and retreat like waves. Young Magic combine the eerie atmosphere of Salem with MGMT’s psych-pop experimental streak and coat it all with the slick gloss of an M83 record, to shape their own distinct sonic territory – passport optional.