Wymond Miles, Earth Has Doors EP

David Raposa

By David Raposa

on 02.07.12 in Reviews

The kind of psychedelic sounds that Wymond Miles explores on his debut EP aren’t all that far removed from the joyful noise he makes when playing lead guitar for the Fresh & Onlys. That said, no one can accuse Miles of punching the same clock as his day job for Earth Has Doors. For one, this one-man effort (some drums, strings and backing vocals aside) is decidedly more overcast and purposeful. Even if you didn’t know that these tracks dealt with “the existential crisis of our current epoch,” even a cursory listen to tracks like the neo-folk flavored “Temples of Magick” or the viola-and-feedback driven instrumental “As The Orchard Is With Rain” intimate that Miles has something weighty on his mind. Thankfully, Miles doesn’t let the weightiness of his intended message get in the way of him producing evocative and beguiling music.