WU LYF, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain

Stacey Anderson

By Stacey Anderson

on 12.21.11 in Reviews
A mercurial art-rock hodgepodge

After a year of manic online grandstanding, the enigmatic cult of World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation turned out to be just a bunch of bros from Manchester, England. As luck would have it, the bizarre, self-spun hype preceded an excellent record: a mercurial art-rock hodgepodge of garbled group chants and inversely beautiful shadowy guitars, ramshackle and alluring in equal measure. Placid folk, world beat and angular Krautrock united in their swift-moving landscapes, all capped with the hectic messianic howls of frontman Ellery Roberts – and as he shrieked “I love you forever!” on the first track (“LYF”), it was hard not to feel stirred by his promise.