Michael Hurley, Wolfways

Ira Kaplan

By Ira Kaplan

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Outsider folkie that’s never in a hurry

I first heard of Michael Hurley when he was on the Youngbloods 'Raccoon Records, but I guess I didn't love Good and Dusty or High on a Ridgetop enough to explore the rest of the catalogue. A terrible decision! I finally heard Michael Hurley on 1976's Have Moicy!, and ever since he's just been one of those guys I seem to like — as the Spiral Staircase put it so eloquently — more today than yesterday (but not as much as tomorrow). I've never encountered anybody in less of a hurry than Michael Hurley; he always seems a second or two behind, like he's not quite seeing or hearing the same things we are. This one's got a rerecording of one of my Top Two of his, "Hog of the Forsaken" — love the way his voice can't quite hit the high notes.