Withered Hand, Good News

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 01.07.11 in Reviews

Withered Hand may sound like a Swedish death metal outfit's name. In fact, it's the home-recording twee-pop outfit of Dan Willson. Willson's effortless knack for melody and naked yearning will make him instantly appealing to fans of Loney, Dear, Badly Drawn Boy, or Jens Lekman. His songs are simple, unfussed-over things, given breath, charm and life by his pure, childlike vocals, which grab hold with disarming simplicity. With that voice, he doesn't need much more than a duskily swinging piano, or a loosely jangling banjo, or a single, glowing violin, to enchant you; once the loose framework is up, he opens his mouth, yowls out a wayward confession, and the room belongs to him.