Willie Nelson, Words Don’t Fit the Picture

Andy Beta

By Andy Beta

on 05.15.11 in Reviews

Words Don't Fit The Picture

Willie Nelson
Composed, carefully gradated acoustic country-folk

One glance at this gaudy cover photo of Willie Nelson and you’d think he’d already rebelled against the strictures of Nashville: leather jacket, bug-eyed goggles, bellbottoms, chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. Yes, this oft-overlooked RCA album was released between Willie’s retirement from Music Row, his relocation to the more mellow climes of Austin, Texas, and his revival as a long-haired hippie outlaw. Depicted as a rock star, this album is instead a composed, carefully gradated album of mostly acoustic country-folk numbers, from future hit “Good Hearted Woman” to the mellow travelogue of “London.” The title track is a hidden gem of the man’s hefty songbook though, a plain sung break-up number where the pain looms larger than the explanation.