Tina Turner, Wildest Dreams

Ron Wynn

By Ron Wynn

on 05.18.11 in Reviews

Wildest Dreams

Tina Turner

This album tends to get overlooked, despite some strong performances. "All Kinds of People" was a Sheryl Crow offering, with Crow backing Turner on a first-rate rendition. "GoldenEye" was used to introduce a new James Bond, and Turner's sultry title cut was penned by Bono and U2. (Her vocal, and their song, was a lot better than the overly long film.) The Pet Shop Boys supplied "Confidential," and Neil Tennant's vocals provide background to Turner's pithy lead. Perhaps the most unusual cut on this (and almost any other Turner release) was "In Your Wildest Dreams," which paired Turner with Barry White. His bombastic baritone and her highly-charged response vocal made quite a team, even though the song isn't nearly as erotic or striking as one might imagine. Sting also made a guest appearance, joining Turner for "On Silent Wings."

Overlooked, but deserving of a fresh look

Once more, the American response was rather mild. It generated more activity within the R&B world than it did from the rock/pop bunch, despite the presence of Sting and U2. The White cut got a little airplay, and a cover of Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy" got some club attention. But the label didn't push some potential hits ("All Kinds of People" and "GoldenEye") and there was no glamour video or big tour to improve its prospects. By this time, Turner's star had faded, and none of the six singles issued were a big hit. However "Wildest Dreams" deserves a fresh look, because several of these pieces are well-sung and produced. They could work in today's pop or adult R&B markets just fine.