WhoMadeWho, Brighter

Chris Nickson

By Chris Nickson

on 03.06.12 in Reviews

For the last nine years, WhoMadeWho have been operating out on the fringes of dance, rock and pop, gleefully subverting genres and slowly staking out a defiantly singular musical territory. With Brighter, they’ve come of age, making an album that brims with such confidence that it practically struts out of your speakers.

Finally coming out as a wholehearted pop band

The Danish trio lay their cards on the table with the opening bam-bam of “Inside World” and “RunningMan.” They’ve finally come out as a wholehearted pop band, albeit one that happens to be gussied up in hip trappings. “Inside World” nods in the direction of LCD Soundsystem, but purrs along with Nordic watchmaker’s precision. “Running Man,” on the other hand, works around a jerky rhythmic tic and some eerie slide guitar, sections flowing and ebbing before exploding into the triumphant sing-a-long refrain of “I run.”

The arrangements are subtle and packed full of earworms, but it’s with the closer, “Below The Cherry Moon” that Who Made Who have created their masterpiece. It’s a night-time ride of a song, built around a descending riff that nags and pulls the listener through the shadows, a slow burn with a gloriously chaotic end that manages the rare trifecta: intelligent, considered and catchy. This is the album the band hinted at with last year’s Knee Deep, and one that should help vault them right to the forefront of the electro-pop pack.