Rah Bras, WHOHM

Robin Banks

By Robin Banks

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Gothic music is everybody's favorite punchline. At its worst, it's dour, self-serious, melancholy and relentlessly brooding. At its best, it's not much better. Enter Virginia's Rah Bras, softening their grand, theatrical electro-goth with a few well-placed winks. WHOHM is the Sisters of Mercy by way of Berlin, full of whooshing synths and cataclysmic crashes of percussion. "No Furture" is a white-knuckle rave-up, Isabellrah Rubellah's operatic vocals soaring above a full scale keyboard freakout. "Skin = Chronized" is a tiny industrial symphony and "Monde Sewer Cholera Net" injects the menace and crawl of Alien Sex Fiend with a healthy measure of camp.