Fairport Convention, Who Knows?

Amanda Petrusich

By Amanda Petrusich

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Enduring British band serves up a folkie flashback.

In 2005, Fairport Convention may be the least fashionable band in the world — along with Pentangle and the Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention were once at the wispy forefront of the British folk movement, responsible for crafting new ways to pluck and bellow. But perpetual lineup changes and gradual adult contemporary-leanings have left the modern incarnation at the bottom of dollar bins everywhere, embarrassing teenagers whose parents still burn the torch. Who Knows? is a live collection from 1975 (dug up while emptying Woodworm Studios, with Sandy Denny handling most of the vocals), and if the record doesn't induce flashbacks of Christopher Guest's A Mighty Wind, you'll hear the chirpy sound of freakfolk future — high, throaty vocals, hold hands-and-sway rhythms and loads of frolicking guitar.