White Lung, Deep Fantasy

Beverly Bryan

By Beverly Bryan

on 06.17.14 in Reviews

On their third album Deep Fantasy, Vancouver punks White Lung hit with elemental force. Combining the punch-through-drywall energy of ’80s hardcore with the looming shadows of death rock, they unlock a new intensity, giving greater heft to frontwoman Mish Way’s down-in-the-abyss lyrics.

Mish Way and co. hit with elemental force

Way’s words convey animosity and self-destruction with unusual focus. Opener “Drown with the Monster” looks addiction in the eye, while “Snake Jaw” wrestles with the demon of body-image issues. Her bellowed lines shoot off like signal flares, arcing high above the roar of the guitar, and anthems such as “Lucky One,” have refrains (“You are the lucky one and I’m the dying breed/ It all comes undone when you’re in front of me”) that pound in your head like the aftermath of a malt liquor binge. It is the kind of album that can singlehandedly soundtrack a summer or an adolescence. The pummeling it doles out is the healing kind, the sort you get pressed up against the stage at the best show ever — a battering that leaves you feeling cleansed.