Bob Weir, Weir Here: The Best Of Bob Weir

Dean Budnick

By Dean Budnick

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Weir Here: The Best Of Bob Weir

Bob Weir
While the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir was playin’ in the band, he was also writin’ some of their best songs.

Bob Weir is not only an underappreciated rhythm guitar player, but his enduring compositions are also sometimes denied their due. Nonetheless, Weir remains vital with RatDog, a band that embodies the ethos of the Grateful Dead, recasting older material while delivering vibrant new compositions. This virtually career-spanning retrospective mainly focuses on Weir's songwriting contributions to the good ol 'GD (most notably through the live cuts, from a '71 "Truckin'" on through an '89 "Music Never Stopped") with nods to his late-'70s side project Kingfish and recent essential RatDog ("Ashes and Glass" and "Two Djinn").