Kids On A Crime Spree, We Love You So Bad

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 05.20.11 in Reviews
A spotless summer soundtrack

From its opening wail of feedback, Kids on a Crime Spree's debut makes no secret of its inspiration. This is classic-sounding pop, heavily indebted to — in equal measure — Phil Spector, '60s girl groups and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Its hooks are so big you'd cry shenanigans if they weren't so clearly intended to please. As the story goes, Mario Hernandez, the leader of this Bay Area trio, got obsessed with the Spector box set Back to Mono and decided to commit his version of that style to analog tape. The result is an EP that will appeal to fans of both the crude and lovelorn punk of Nobunny and the overt twee of labelmates the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. We Love You So Bad is a spotless summer soundtrack, 20 minutes of pop songs with shit-eating grins. They know they're not original — and they don't care.