Wayne Shorter, The Best of Wayne Shorter

Britt Robson

By Britt Robson

on 08.27.12 in Reviews

The Best Of Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter

Wayne Shorter’s 11-record run on Blue Note from Night Dreamer in 1964 to Odyssey of Iska in 1970 by itself features enough creative consistency and stylistic evolution to comprise a satisfying career, and any single disc is only going to skim its surface. That said, Best of makes for a well-chosen primer of this crucial period, more efficient with essential Shorter than The Classic Blue Note Recordings, which uses one of its two discs on Shorter’s work as guest or sideman, and doesn’t rectify Best of‘s biggest flaw, which is omitting anything from the adventurous The All Seeing Eye. Shorter’s Blue Note splurge chronicles a time when he grew from a sophisticated hard-bopper and recovering Coltrane acolyte into a master of impressionism, a godfather of fusion and a composer increasingly able to make the familiar sound mysterious, and vice versa.