Wavves, Wavves

Mike McGonigal

By Mike McGonigal

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Wavves is the moniker of one Nathan Daniel Williams, a San Diego-based bedroom one-man-band intent on updating noise pop. He makes highly distorted music on purpose; nearly every song is heavily in the red — a la Eat Skull, Times New Viking and Fuck Buttons. A blogger and skater, Williams is prolific and talented as hell; he might even give the Deerhunter boys a run for their money in the lucrative nu-gaze sweepstakes.

A bedroom one-man band intent on updating noise-pop

What surprises is how all-over-the-place the album is: "Get in the Sun" is a sunshiney garage-pop ditty, "Goth Girls" is a pile-up of squiggly synth lines, "So Bored" is a great grunge-pop anthem and "No Hope Kids" is pure, guitar-driven pop. Williams has a noise-pop sensibility similar to Jay Reatard, only his songs are not as choked-up with testosterone, and are coupled with a love for noisy experimentation that's similar to that of his SoCal brethren No Age. This is the second Wavves album; the first one was called Waves, with just one "v." Hopefully, Williams will keep making records — all the way up to Wavvvvvvves.