Leak Bros (Cage & Tame One), Waterworld

Joe Lopez (aka DJ Bazooka Joe)

By Joe Lopez (aka DJ Bazooka Joe)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

This collaborative effort served as Cage's farewell to the Eastern Conference label, but he gives it his all nonetheless. With outstanding production from El-P, Mighty Mi, RJD2 and J-Zone, the beats match twisting, obscure rock samples with bizarre sounds to make for a hazy/smoky sound (check "See Thru," "Submerged" and "Follow the Liters"). Tame sounds better than ever and rides with Cage like they've always been a group, especially on "Delerium" and the RJD2-laced "Gimmesumdeath." Similar to the crooked cop ode "Nighthawks" by Cage and Camu Tao, Waterworld is 100% concept album that doesn't sway from the topic: the two MCs do nothing but trade bars back and forth about how high they get, giving Redman and Method Man a run for their title.