Archetribe, Waterworks

Robert Phoenix

By Robert Phoenix

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Wherein stately Euro-Jazz meets tribal sound.

This 2005 release is almost like a rainbow bridge from one age to the next. It's ethno-ambience recalls sounds from the Extreme label in the guise of artists like Mo Boma, Soma and Pablo's Eye, and yet there's a propulsive ambience about this recording (originally a two-CD-set) that is thoroughly contemporary. Waterworks blends psychedelic elements from the '60s — like acid-drenched sitars and spiraling flute — with subtle electronic beats and sophisticated programming. Not quite jazz and decidedly not club fodder, it stands on its own at the intersection where the stately Euro-Jazz of ECM meets tribal sound. Of special note here is the duduk playing of Gunnard Doboze, which lends a deep, harmonic resonance to leader/composer Matthew Davidson's forays into the realm of sacred groove.