Andy Caldwell, Warrior

Todd Burns

By Todd Burns

on 04.22.11 in Reviews


Andy Caldwell

Dance music fans may have been surprised when Andy Caldwell slowed things down on his 2006 full-length, Universal Truth, and got funky on “Warrior.” Those seeking more workout ready grooves, however, will have nothing but treadmill fodder on this EP of remixes. Claude Von Stroke turns it into a brittle, segmented piece perfect for the minimal lovers in the crowd, while Chuck Love transforms the song into the soulful deep house epic it clearly always wanted to be. Andy Caldwell himself follows Love's lead, upping the tempo and giving the song a stunning breakdown three minutes in and last, but certainly not least, David Alvarado's mix takes the groove into dub territory and slices Lisa Shaw's vocal into disembodied husks of the original.