Warren G., I Want It All

Christopher R. Weingarten

By Christopher R. Weingarten

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

I Want It All [Explicit]

Warren G

On I Want It All, G-funk stalwart Warren G generally raps about three things: "money and money and more money." Not seeing nearly enough of the stuff after his last album flopped (1997's sophomore gambit Take A Look Over Your Shoulder, the follow-up to his Long Beach-defining, triple-platinum Regulate. . . G-Funk Era), Warren stepped away from the mic and focused on his first love: the laidback, low-rider-friendly production that defined the G-funk era and had even suburban moms flashing the "westside" symbol. Luckily, Warren had made so many friends by 1999's I Want It All that this summer BBQ record fairly bursts at the seams with guest spots: Slick Rick ("If We Give You a Chance"), Snoop Dogg ("You Never Know"), Mack 10 ("I Want It All"), Crucial Conflict ("Dollars Make Sense"), Eve and Drag-On ("We Got That"), plus Kurupt, RBX and, naturally, the velvety hooks of Warren's lifetime foil Nate Dogg ("Gangsta Love").