Vessel, Order of Noise

Sharon O'Connell

By Sharon O'Connell

on 12.03.12 in Reviews

The temptation with any new talent operating on the fringes of a genre is to tag and file, but parameters are precisely what young Bristol electronicist Seb Gainsborough seeks to avoid. He lobbed his debut into the minimal techno ballpark, but his mastery of the chilly spaces between beats is matched by an urge to humanize them. Order of Noise is aptly titled – it’s both precise and controlled – but the evocative crackle, clicks and clanging, the hissing and the haunted mechanical sighs are variously soaked in gloomy dub, offset by swathes of seductive synths or made to move with a Teutonic strut. Menace and foreboding are everywhere, but there’s a surprising degree of charm in the deliberately gauche, digitized funk of “Moon Dub.”