Various Artists, Stash Rituals: Mexican Summer/Software Spring 2012 Sampler

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.27.12 in Reviews

Stash Rituals: Mexican Summer/Software Spring 2012 Sampler

Various Artists

Mexican Summer is only a five-year-old label, but in that short time it has quickly grown irreplaceable. You might know them best for releasing Crazy For You, the first full-length album from former eMusic Selects alum Bethany Cosentino, aka Best Coast, but their taste for watery, jangly lo-fi indie rock is stellar across the board, running the gamut from Kurt Vile and No Joy to The Fresh & Onlys and more. Basically, their palette runs the gamut: If you are an electronic-music fan with a jones for soundtracks and weird, arty, found-sound stuff, they have released vital music by Daniel Lopatin (better known as Oneohtrix Point Never), Lilacs & Champagne, and even horror soundtracks by John Carpenter. They are one of the best, and this sampler is a free reason to get to know them better.