Various Artists, Polymorphic Convolutions

Robert Phoenix

By Robert Phoenix

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Polymorphic Convolutions

Various Artists
If you’re searching for the next age of New Age, look no further.

If you were to select one compilation that would embody the essence of "Next Age," it would be Polymorphic Convolutions. According to the label's info on their website, "Listeners will be able to take a deep breath, elevate their thoughts to a more chilled, profound perspective and re-connect with their psyche & essence." On Polymorphic Convolutions the likes of psychedelic dub producer, Adham Shaikh, ambient guitar maestro Ishq and the legendary Detroit techno vets Legion of Green Men, create music with a unified purpose: to take the listener in as many directions as possible. The complexity and details of these soundscapes is staggering at times, and yet each track never veers off into the hinterlands of chaos. It's deeply layered and complex while managing to still be meditative all at once.