Various Artists, Philly Doo-Wop Classics

Lenny Kaye

By Lenny Kaye

on 08.09.11 in Reviews
A doo-wopping overview

The streetcorner sound of voices intertwining found fertile sidewalk in Philadelphia. Lee Andrews and the Hearts, the Castelles and the Capris all set standards for shoo-bopping and impassioned singing; the snap of fingers and the I-minor-6-4-5 chord progression resounding off tiled walls and tunnels, looking for the perfect rebound echo. This collection, despite the relative obscurity of many of the tracks, offers an overview to the many approaches of wopping doo. Some ascend to the heights: Maureen Grey’s majestic “Dancing the Strand”; Anthony and the Sophmores’ tribute to the foundational cornerstone of group harmony in “Mr. Bassman,” quoting many classic ba-dooms; and the Kit Kats’ tasty salute to “Puddin’ and Tain.”