Various Artists, Natural Born Killers Soundtrack

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.05.12 in Reviews

Natural Born Killers

Various Artists

In some ways, Natural Born Killers was a warm-up session for the David Lynch soundtrack (Lost Highway) that’d arrive three years later. This particular Trent Reznor production is much more scatter-brained however, reflecting Oliver Stone’s retina-singeing, ultra-violent images with more of a frenzied mixtape feel. Or as Reznor put it in an interview with MTV, “[I tried] to turn the soundtrack into a collage of sound, kind of the way the movie used music: make edits, add dialog, and make it something interesting, rather than a bunch of previously released music.”

Here’s a short list of who’s on here: L7, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Dr. Dre, Patti Smith, Patsy Cline, Tha friggin’ Dogg Pound. Not to mention a couple of Nine Inch Nails cuts that leave a mark for different reasons — the speaker-spraying fantasies of “Burn” and the dire comedown music of “A Warm Place.” Too bad Oliver Stone hasn’t made a movie like this since then.