Various Artists, Moog: Original Film Soundtrack

Karen Schoemer

By Karen Schoemer

on 02.19.12 in Reviews


Various Artists

Synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog had an extraordinary connection with machines: “I can feel what’s going on inside a piece of electronic equipment,” he says in this 2004 documentary. This soundtrack brings out the human side of his creation. The space-oddity freakouts in Bootsy Collins’s “When Bernie Speaks” play like unfettered stoner comedy, while the muted bell tones in the Album Leaf’s “Micro Melodies” evoke late-night isolation. A second disc showcases the Moog’s place in rock history, from prog (Yes’s “Close to the Edge”) to new wave (New Order’s “Blue Monday”), from cheesy (Gary Numan’s “Cars”) to sublimely deranged (Devo’s “Mongoloid”).