Various Artists, Balearic Rock

Barry Walters

By Barry Walters

on 07.26.12 in Reviews

Balearic Rock

Various Artists

Combining glam, punk, post-punk, New Wave, Neue Deutsche Welle, space rock, alt-rock and several spaces in between, Balearic Rock is way hipper than its title or even its lineup implies. The oft-bootlegged “Theme from Great Cities” is a genuine Ibiza classic hailing from those pre-Breakfast Club days when Simple Minds proved themselves unlikely masters of trippy quasi-Eurodisco — just listen to that rattling bassline rip. Suzi Quatro gets sultry on an overlooked, keyboard-led cut from her otherwise rowdy 1974 debut album while late ’90s Norwegian surf rock revivalists Kåre & The Cavemen aka Euro Boys here suggest caffeinated Air.