Various Artists, Balearic Pop

Barry Walters

By Barry Walters

on 07.26.12 in Reviews

Balearic Pop

Various Artists

Flaunting some ultra-mainstream names ordinarily anathema to other exhaustive catalog exhumations, Balearic Pop combines the familiar with the obscure to make the point that great music is great music, no matter who sings it or how it’s marketed — a key tenant of Ibiza’s club philosophy. Adult contemporary queens Kim Carnes and Sheena Easton rub shoulders with the far artier likes of Talk Talk and It’s Immaterial, yet the whole set flows smoothly from start. Don’t be ashamed — you know you love Kajagoogoo’s “Too Shy,” particularly in Mark Kamins’s 12″ mix. Eighties pop doesn’t mix sonic sophistication and psychological rawness better than the Blue Nile’s “Tinseltown in the Rain,” a taster from an album waiting to be rediscovered by today’s fans of Rhye and Jessie Ware.