Various Artists, Balearic Leftfield

Barry Walters

By Barry Walters

on 07.26.12 in Reviews

Balearic Leftfield

Various Artists

Balearic Leftfield focuses on offbeat dance records of the ’80s, which is basically what this Balearic series is about. It’s where the eccentric and disco-centric circles of UK New Wave (and their European cousins) overlap. Of course that includes Thomas Dolby’s biggest hit, Duran Duran’s first Giorgio Moroder-aping single, oft-overlooked Human League (and their pseudonymous spin-off, the Men), and Simple Minds at their most hypnotic. But it also includes Laid Back’s club classic, buried disco-not-disco treasure from Belgium’s Telex and Allez Allez, Germany’s Deutsch Amerikanische Freudschaft spoofing anti-immigrant phobias, a strikingly erotic UK hit from Hot Chocolate and some arty funk from prog guitarist Steve Hillage. And if you’re looking for Swedish dancefloor esoterica, Diggy Tal & the Numbers, Micke Hagström and Ragnar Grippe have your number.