Kittie, Until The End

Jeanne Fury

By Jeanne Fury

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

They looked like goth poster girls when they first arrived in 2000. But when sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander let loose with their vitriol and solid musical chops, they drained the doubt from anyone who thought girls couldn't "do" metal. They're still doin 'it, and doin 'it well. Until the End juxtaposes two sides of an impassioned soul — the side that's longing for something, and the side that wants to tear that particular something's throat out. On songs like "Look So Pretty" and "Red Flag," Morgan's voice is a seething rasp that cuts like a scythe. A thick wash of industrial metal is consistent throughout the album, even when Morgan sings ethereally on the title track, "In Dreams" and "Loveless," causing them to course through space with less irascibility. But don't be fooled by these fluttery elements: "Burning Bridges" and "Daughters Down" leave blood on Kittie's claws.