Junior Boys, So This Is Goodbye

Craig McLean

By Craig McLean

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

In mid 2006, house music began nudging up to the mainstream again. In the UK, artsy indie boys Hot Chip took the throbbing, multi-coloured pop of The Warning all the way to the shortlist of the year's Mercury Music Prize. Makeshift Feelgood, the long-awaited second album from veteran geezer DJs X-Press 2, was a joyful rush of giddy nu-Balearica and guest vocalists.

Wide-open beatscapes for the wee small hours.

The second album from Canada's Junior Boys more quietly reboots house for the mid '00s. Yes, Frank Sinatra is in the mix, on a gorgeously ambient, aching version of 1959's "When No One Cares." "In the Morning" is another winner, a muscular groove built around panting gasps and seductive vocals. But that's about as leftfield as So This Is Goodbye gets: these are mostly tasteful, wide-open beatscapes that skirt perilously close to chill-out. And coffee-table electronica can sound even more jaded — if less interesting — than Ol 'Blue Eyes slumped at a bar in the wee small hours.