Voxtrot, Your Biggest Fan

Nitsuh Abebe

By Nitsuh Abebe

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Canny lyrics and coy arrangements from ambitious indiepop contenders

This brief EP marks Voxtrot's move to a tonier label, and its sound bears traces of the change — they've moved from the trebly guitar jangle of guys who love the Smiths to the slick, arch arrangements of guys who love…Morrissey's solo records. The result draws a subtle line in the sand: anyone taken with the vintage, homespun indiepop on the band's previous EPs will have to reckon with genuine ambition, and figure out whether they were in love with the songwriting, or just charmed by the sound. Thankfully for Voxtrot, their first bow in fancy clothes suits them nicely. Sounding curiously like the Trash Can Sinatras, they wrap canny lyrics in several more chords than before, and even bring in the strings for some coy arrangements on the finale. And while Voxtrot seems to have sold off their most immediate hooks to pay for the cello, this still seems like a good sign: these guys may turn out better at pop than indiepop.