Dennis Brown Presents: Prince Jammy, UMOJA/20th Century DEBwise

Vivienne Goldman

By Vivienne Goldman

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

UMOJA/20th Century DEBwise

Dennis Brown Presents: Prince Jammy
Remixes highlight musicianship in the absence of Dennis Brown’s golden voice.

Though these mid-’70s remixes by King Tubby don't feature Dennis Emmanuel Brown's golden voice, they're still deeply satisfying. Starting out as a child star, Brown went on to become one of Jamaica's most treasured assets before dying much too young. This collection recalls the time when Brown, his petite wife Yvonne and his bred'ren and partner Castro Brown were invigorating the London scene with delicious lover's rock. Instead of showcasing Brown's gorgeous vocals, this release spotlights the top musicianship that underpinned the Voice, compliments of regular supers like Junior Delgado, keyboards veteran Ansel Collins and horn player Cedric ‘Im'Brooks. If you love Brown diamonds like “The Half” (re-invented here as “The Truth”) and “Sons of Dust,” you'll want to get closer to the rhythms that set him soaring. If you're unfamiliar with the rich Brown canon, you'd be wise to change that state.