Two Door Cinema Club, Beacon

Jillian Mapes

By Jillian Mapes

on 09.04.12 in Reviews


Two Door Cinema Club
All the marks of a classic, melancholy, young-band-on-the-road opus

Two Door Cinema Club didn’t write or record their sophomore album while touring the world in support of their popular debut Tourist History. Nevertheless, Beacon bears all the marks of a classic, melancholy, young-band-on-the-road opus. The album’s opening line (on standout track “Next Year”) – “I don’t know where I’m going to rest my head tonight” – establishes a tone that doesn’t let up. The lonely, triumphant songs chronicle not only the havoc that months of travel wreak on a “normal” life but also the personal growth it facilitates. You can hear that growth in the band’s sound, which expands to include a blend of electro-pop beats and post-punk guitars, with equal attention paid to catchy riffs (“Someday”) and earworm-y synth lines (“Handshake”). Two Door’s sound now lands somewhere anthemic between Passion Pit and latter-day Death Cab For Cutie, but a touch more focus (especially as Beacon moves into its second half) would do the young Irish trio some good.