Tobias Froberg, Turn Heads

Rex Carswell

By Rex Carswell

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Don't be startled by the first song on Tobias Fröberg's Turn Heads. "Blissful" is anything but, wrapping "Young Folks" 'hyper-speed bongos together with a rambunctious full band. After that three-minute blast, though, Fröberg goes back to what he knows best: the chamber pop that litters his two previous full-lengths. Aside from the upbeat gem "Slipping Under the Radar," Fröberg continually evokes his musical inspirations. "Just Behind a Brickwall" is a restrained Neil Young; "Tomorrow," his collaboration with Ane Brun, sounds like something that Simon & Garfunkel might've penned. But while there aren't many surprises in Fröberg's bag of musical tricks, his formalist rigor is enough to wear down any nu-pop devotee. Turn Heads is yet another stunning set from one of Sweden's most consistent songwriters.