Uusitalo, Tulenkantaja

Michaelangelo Matos

By Michaelangelo Matos

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Finland’s most creative house producer stretches out.

Sasu Ripatti, the Finnish producer better known as Vladislav Delay, Uusitalo and Luomo, has made a career of making accidents sound planned and vice-versa. He's most famous for the sumptuous house he creates as Luomo, but he's tended to leave that project's voluptuous pleasures to the side of his other, drier work. Not so with his second album as Uusitalo: Tulenkantaja plays out like a driftier, more relaxed instrumental version of Luomo's, Vocal City. All ten tracks here are laid out in the same basic manner: mood-setting keyboard bass line/synth-pad/high-end melody combo, joined by straightforward house beats, all of which are gently mutated throughout the track until, by the last couple of minutes, they sound related to but substantially different from the way they did at the beginning. Sometimes this comes across as slightly bent but more or less traditional house, as with "Odottava Peto" and the propulsive "Tervatahroja"; other times, as on "Nokkonen Päiväunilla" and "Misut Irti / Huutaa," the beats anchor strange but inviting tumble-down found-percussion and glitches. And it's all recognizably Ripatti, meaning it will remind you of plenty while still sounding like nothing else.