Glenn Tilbrook, Transatlantic Ping Pong

David Pakman

By David Pakman

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Transatlantic Ping Pong

Glenn Tilbrook
Great songwriting made easy.

As the frontman and half of Squeeze, Tilbrook is a master craftsman of the British pop/rock song. His melodies on this recent solo album are as strong as Squeeze's quintessential 1980 hit "Pulling Mussels from a Shell" (check out the addictive "Untouchable" and the funky "Lost In Space") and with well-orchestrated arrangements Tilbrook creates the classic drums-bass-guitar-organ-vocal sound that essentially defines the art of great British singer-songwriting handed down from Lennon and McCartney. Here, he's comfortable enough to joke about somewhat pornographic references but also discusses more standard fare, like past lovers and present flames. It's hard to create such fine performances and perfect melodies; Glen Tilbrook's gift is that he makes great songwriting seem easy and effortless.