Trans Am, Red Line

Matthew Fritch

By Matthew Fritch

on 09.28.11 in Reviews

Red Line

Trans Am
Presenting the full range of their power

Pioneers of the ironic mustache and cheeky proponents of retro-futurism, Trans Am tend to get snickered off the post-rock dais. Truth be told, there can be a Sprockets-like element to the krautrocking sounds put forth by this Washington, D.C., trio – a vocoder-filled vein that Stereolab never touched. But the very notion that humor would have no place in the millennial indie-rock landscape is a pretty bleak situation. 2000 double album Red Line represents the full range of Trans Am’s power, from Queens of the Stone Age-style rock with vocals (“Play In The Summer”) to primetime ’70s prog (“Lunar Landing”). Few bands in history have simultaneously been this weird, arty and heavy.