Goatsnake, Trampled Under Hoof

George Smith

By George Smith

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Trampled Under Hoof puts together the best Goatsnake performances in the short form, accentuating the band's superb interpretations of songs by Saint Virus and Black Oak Arkansas. Singer Pete Stahl (formerly of DC hardcore mainstays Scream) is at his most lugubrious on Vitus '"Burial at Sea," a number that Scott Reagher's wail originally turned into a classic of stoner rock. Turning the mood completely around, Stahl electrocutes for BOA's "Hot Rod," delivering an on-fire Jim Dandy Mangrum tempered with Howlin 'Wolf. The rest of the EP comes down squarely in the early heavy metal of 1970-72, thumping and rumbling riff-rock driven by the bummed-out blooz of white boys.