Trailer Trash Tracys, Ester

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 01.18.12 in Reviews
London dream-poppers evoke a mood that’s miles away from their name

Brooding dream-pop goes through an East London fog on Trailer Trash Tracys’ full-length debut. Equally indebted to the fuzzy girl-group romance of Jesus & Mary Chain and the narcotic sexuality of David Lynch, Ester sounds like a lot of the gothy guitar-pop coming out of California these days, though it’s less direct than Dum Dum Girls, less tempestuous than Tamaryn, and less earthy than Warpaint. Debut 7″ sides “Candy Girl” and “You Wish You Were Red,” presented here in punchier form, are still the most immediate showcases for Trailer Trash Tracys’ fractured guitars, rattling bass lines and tinny drumbeats, all set beneath Suzanne Astoria’s distant vocals. Other tracks are more expansive. The stately electro-minimalism of “Dies in 55″ helps explain why the group once toured with the xx. On two songs, finger-tapped guitar bridges the gulf between Eddie Van Halen and Bradford Cox (someone should tell Marnie Stern a collaboration is in order). Not a mobile home in sight.